About Us

All of our Motorcycle Screens are individually hand crafted to the highest possible standards. But if we make a rare mistake, don’t come “screaming” at us. A reasonable approach will always generate a reasonable response and be far more likely to achieve a quality outcome for you.

Keep in mind that we do not mass produce; we don’t push a button on a big Chinese machine and out the end pops a finished screen like many of our competitors. We hand craft each and every screen we make.

Only quality UV-stabilised Acrylic is used for screen manufacture; it is available in many different colours and thicknesses to suit your own personal requirements. We’ve used this material for over 38 years now.

Each screen is jig-drilled to ensure optimum fit to your motorcycle – you will be able to bolt it straight on using your existing fixings.

The Future
We are constantly researching, developing and refining our equipment and products in order to supply the best possible windscreens. We do custom screens as well.

Screens and model updates are continuously added to our already extensive range.

Return Policy
Screens will not be accepted for return if they have been installed on a bike or are any colour other than Dark Tint or Clear. Special orders such as special colours or Bubbles cannot be accepted for return. A return fee of AuD$20 is payable for uninstalled, undamaged, returned screens in original condition. Freight is not refundable. Screens are not available for trial purposes. As every rider is different, screens are not accepted for return on the basis of performance.


We have literally sold hundreds of thousands of screens to riders all over the world and it’s only natural that we haven’t pleased all of the people all of the time.  So, please keep in mind the fact that the overwhelming majority are very happy with their Eagle Screen; happy customers don’t usually worry about posting reviews; many do, but hundreds of thousands don’t.

But….the few that aren’t happy invariably have an agenda for some reason or an axe to grind. You know the type….they post nasty comments about lots of products. Rest assured that these people are overwhelmingly in the minority…so please keep that in mind when considering our products.  If we stuff up, we will do our very best to resolve it for you as quickly as we can.