Eagle Screens is in its 42nd year of continuous operation, manufacturing motorcycle windscreens, deflectors and headlight covers for riders in every state of Australia and on every continent of the world. Our goal is to grow the business into the distant future, quietly and steadily…..as we have done for the last 4 decades.

But…..after many years at the helm and 30 years running my own companies, I’ve decided it’s time to contemplate a partnership.

Since its inception in 1979, my wife and I are the third and longest owners of Eagle Screens. We’ve made tens of thousands of screens, innovated numerous new designs and improved the ride of countless riders across the globe whilst supporting a wide network of retailers and motorcycle shops.

American and European riders order from us consistently and are impressed by the quality, finish and fitment of our screens when compared to their manufacturers. These export markets remain wide open for an investor or partner to pursue; I’ve no doubt that strategically placed marketing will grow the company significantly, capitalising on our popularity in those countries.

The company name has enviable recognition across the planet, having grown slowly and steadily over 42 years adding model after model to our stable. We are renowned for a “can-do” attitude, innovating designs for many customers, offering bespoke designs whilst the rest of the world churns out cookie-cutter screens.

The job is not difficult but it takes time to learn the trade. And we’re happy to train an investor/operator/partner over an extended period if needed…..anywhere. The business runs with limited staff, low overheads and with well-established communications /supply lines and minimal advertising.

This business is like a well-tuned diesel engine, chugging along relentlessly. Our old fashioned web site generates a steady stream of inquiries from across the planet. However, with tweaking, there is no doubt room for increased inquiries and substantial growth.

We went 100% online in 2008, locking our front doors to counter sales, removing signage and disconnecting our landline. So all inquiries are via email which, by necessity, is handled rapidly yet at our pace. The result has been a particularly efficiently run business, uninterrupted by walk-in customers.

As an owner/operator, the business only requires us to work a few hours each day, to maintain production and stock levels. Our customers are attuned to our production schedule and there is no loss of business due to production delays.

There is significant room for expansion in sectors of our market that have been allowed to languish as we focused elsewhere. With an injection of “new blood” you will have the potential to milk this for all its worth whilst enjoying the enviably consistent income stream this business generates.

Throughout 2020 /2021 our business grew despite Covid-19 restrictions. Whilst other businesses suffered, ours has thrived. It is well positioned for accelerated growth with the right operator even though it could readily continue to operate as it is generating substantial cash flow with minimal staff.

The business can be operated anywhere, in any country, rural or city location.

Offering excellent ROI investors can be assured of steady income and repayment of capital.

Interested parties will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement before production details will be given.