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Made by us here in Western Australia for over 42 years!

Nearly 4,000 different screens in up to 10 styles available in up to 23 tints.

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Beginning in a backyard shed in Perth, Western Australia in the late 1970’s, Eagle Screens was one of the first in the world to make replacement windscreens for motorbikes, long before most of today’s Chinese and Corporate screen manufacturers entered the market.  We continue to adapt, innovate and produce the highest quality aftermarket acrylic screens for most models available! Every year we add more models and are often sent examples from across the globe to improve performance for frustrated riders.

We are not a mass producing company and our screens are made by well-trained craftsmen. Although we supply most of our products to the Australian market, we do export with screens being sent to USA, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia. Our innovative designs are well received and offer a fresh alternative to the mass produced screens in the market place.

Many thanks to the tens of thousands of customers across the planet who, over the decades have supported us and who know that we genuinely try to please.  We have grown our product range and continue to adapt and innovate new products to satisfy our enormous customer base.

Contact us: – We are in our 14th year of working 100% Online …we answer our emails FAST! during normal work hours and often after hours too.

Please note that our premises are not open to the public for across-the-counter-sales or orders.

Address: Post Office Box 197, THORNLIE, Western Australia 6988